How Adults Can benefit from the PresentChild Method

Our Dis-eases and Illnesses - physical and emotional

You may have visited your GP or some other Health professional and obtained little to no result,with a health problem that you have, it has been proven that often PresentChild Method can get to the root of the problem.

Have you ever wondered what your illness is telling you? Yes our minds and our bodies can have a message to tell us, like a mirror reflecting back a message about our subconscious side, the side we can choose to ignore to the benefit of our well being. It’s in our subconscious mind that we we have packed something away, something painful about our past, it often goes back to our own childhood a need unmet, a reprimand or some other big or small event that made us live our lives the way we are now. It’s time for us to listen and learn and move on with ease.

Our Parents

Often our parents have affected us in some way and this then sets our path in stone, we cover up our hurt, again this is often a need unmet. We may have felt unloved, unwanted, in the way, our parents too busy. What we needed did not get read so we pack this pain away under some lovely stones to avoid being hurt again, this then allows us to take on board coping mechanisms and that’s how we get to where we are. But then part of us realises that how we have and are feeling is not right. We want to readdress this in ourselves to obtain balance, inner peace and harmony allowing us to move forward in life by letting go (letting be) of the past with ease. This then allows us to connect with our lost inner child allowing our joy de vive and creativity to shine through, making us happier and at ease with ourselves.


Our Relationships

This is not just with our parents of siblings but in our relationships with our partner,husband or wife.

We are on the whole born into this world happy but one of the above situations can occur and this then affects how we are in our relationships. We may go from one to another but each time something is not quite right. We attract the same type of person but the wrong part or parts of the relationship just get louder and louder, either we choose to ignore it or we run away or there is part of us that wants to address it. This is where the PresentChild Method can explore the conscious and subconscious parts of us and our relationship. We translate your story so you can learn from this and change. Change can take place in a number of ways from learning the lesson so we don’t go back to where we were and don’t repeat the same story in our next relationship.  

The PresentChild Method is gentle and can often get results faster than other therapies.