About Me

My biggest passion other than PresentChild is learning to play the tabla!

I have been involved in complementary health care for the last 29 years. In 2013 I began to see problems that could not be treated with the skills I already had and was fortunate enough to meet Janita Venema, the founder and pioneer of this wonderful method.

In 2014 I started my journey in learning how to become a translator and by December 2015 I had qualified and have treated a large number of people with the method.

The journey takes you through many aspects of your own life finding your own lost inner child. These skills are useful in helping others resolve their problems.

I have three sons and live in Damerham with my beautiful wife and little son!

I am also interested in the environment,  when I have spare time I like to cycle, walk and grow organic vegetables and fruit in our rather large garden.


Our garden is set to permaculture; well you have to save time somewhere!  

Marcus Christo, Homoeopath in Salisbury,Warminster and Ringwood