The Parent Course

Come along and experience how the method works. The course will take part as a small group.

If you would like to help your child, if you feel that what is happening to your child also has something to do with you and you have been unable to find the key ... then the PresentChild Parent Course is ideal for you.

Discover what your child is trying to tell you and help you and your child along the way.

The dynamics of a group may work well for one person, whereas another may prefer the intimacy of an individual consultation, if this is the case for you then please read the rest of my website for a one to one appointment.

You are welcome to come along on your own, or with your partner or a friend. Sharing the experience with your partner and reviewing the process together later, can be far more supportive. The course can bring couples closer together. You are together for a reason, come and discover what each of you can do to help your child and all be happy.

The course usually brings about a shift within you, whereby your strength comes into its own and your love can flow more easily.

It works both ways; every day your child will present you with the incentives that will help you to be who you were meant to be. All you need to do is learn to be aware of and listen to the instructions from your children, which is exactly what the PresentChild parent course will teach you to do. Children will benefit enormously from sharing their lives with you.

How is the Parent Course Set Up?

The course is structured as follows:-

Welcome and introduction.

Introduction to the PresentChild method: children as mirrors for parents.

Describing something about your child that concerns you and revealing the message therein for your own life.

The inner child. The family as a supportive unit: especially when things are tough.

Formulate your wish. Define a concrete step.

Describe something beautiful about your child and reveal the perspective this offers in your own life.

When, where and how to book?


The day will run from 9am until 5pm  the date and venue to be confirmed.

The fee for the day is £110 and will include lunch and beverages through out the day and your own personal workbook to take home with you.

For a booking form click here